Siegel boys three-peat as state cross country champions

Siegel won the TSSAA boys state cross country team championship for the third straight year on Saturday in a time of 1:22:33.14.

Central Magnet earned a third-place finish in 1:23:53.61, and Oakland placed 19th (1:30:58.70).

Central Magnet's girls placed seventh in 1:42:33.85, and Siegel was ninth in 1:42:59.62. Riverdale finished 17th in 1:50.00.972.

Rutherford County Individual Results


6th place: Canaan Anderson, Siegel

8th: Fuji Anday, Central Magnet

10th: Seth Robinson, Siegel

19th: Eli Cramer, Riverdale

21st: Lance Garcia, Central Magnet

26th: Ben Tickle, Siegel

27th: Eli Callender Central Magnet

30th: Blake Yuenger, Central Magnet

35th: Jacob Boykin, Siegel

37th: Emilio Vernon, Siegel

48th: Caleb Jarrett, Siegel

60th: Jack Parmer, Oakland

62nd: Ransom Lester, Oakland

73rd: Brennan Thomas, Siegel

95th: Eddie Smith, Central Magnet

120th: Logan Kelly, Central Magnet

132nd: Tate Bowland, Oakland

133rd: Tony Peck, Central Magnet

143rd: Zack Barkley, Oakland

175th: Owen Krugh, Oakland

182nd: Kaden Stalsworth, Oakland

184th: Aidan Duncan, Oakland


6th: Marilyn McCarthy, Siegel

8th: Samantha Ouellette, Central Magnet

28th: Kyra Hayes, Siegel

33rd: Megan Roth, Blackman

56th: Sarah Wilkerson, Siegel

60th: Chandler Ship, Central Magnet

64th: Emma Kate Hamby, Central Magnet

65th: Annah Jones, Central Magnet

73rd: Morgan Moore, Riverdale

75th: Mikayla Morrell, Central Magnet

93rd: Hannah Dye, Riverdale

98th: Olivia Guse, Central Magnet

99th: Riley Scott, Siegel

100th: Emily Groves, Riverdale

106th: Kerrigan Walls, Central Magnet

113th: Makayla Willis, Siegel

121st: Olivia Barksdale Siegel

132nd: Phoebe Kell, Riverdale

139th: Gentry Mitchell, Riverdale

146th: Ashlee Schafer, Siegel

163rd: Arianna Cook, Riverdale

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