BULLETIN - Cheerleaders, pep bands barred

MURFREESBORO -- In the wake of concerns about the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) TSSAA has decided to limit fan attendance at the girls’ and boys’ BlueCross State Basketball Championships at MTSU's Murphy Center.

Beginning with the Friday, March 13 session, attendance at the remainder of the girls’ state tournament and throughout the boys’ state tournament will be limited to the team party (23-person maximum including varsity players, coaches, and team support personnel), their immediate families and school administrators of the qualifying schools.

Immediate family includes parents, stepparents, guardians, siblings, other members living in the athlete’s household and grandparents.

School administrators will be required to provide a list of those persons meeting the qualifications for entry. School administrators will be at the entrance of each venue to identify and grant entry to those persons on the list.

All those entering the venue will be required to obtain a new ticket.

Anyone not on the approved list will not be allowed entry, even if the individual has a previously purchased ticket or pass.

This restriction also includes non-varsity participants who are not in the 23-person team party, cheerleaders, mascots and pep bands.

With the exception of coaches, all other attendees may remain only for games in the class in which their team is participating. Members of the media with TSSAA issued credentials will be allowed entry.

Upon entry, spectators are urged to take advantage of the available seating and not gather in crowds.

Elderly individuals and those who suffer from chronic illness are at higher risk for more severe symptoms if they contract the virus and should consider this fact when deciding whether to attend.

The prepared statement reads -

"In making these decisions, we have consulted with the CDC as well as the Tennessee Department of Health, we have reached out to independent experts, and we have conferred with our sister high school associations in other states,"

"We have also observed what other organizations like the NCAA, the SEC, and the NBA have done in response to this worldwide health concern. The Tennessee Department of Health and an independent expert in infectious diseases have confirmed that the limitations we have developed are in line with current guidelines and best practices.

"We understand and regret the hardship these limitations will create for many. However, the health and safety of our student-athletes is paramount. We will continue to monitor the situation, and we are hopeful that additional limitations will not be necessary."

Lebanon High's Devilettes are scheduled to play in Friday's 11:30 am semifinal game against Arlington High.

Wednesday, March 18 the Mt. Juliet High boys will take on Blackman High in a 1:15 pm quarterfinal contest.

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