Stewarts Creek's and Blackman's bowling teams made history last week by making the semifinals of the TSSAA state tournament.

The Stewarts Creek girls won their match over Cherokee 22-5. The Red Hawks swept the first game 8-0.

In the second game, Cherokee won a pair of matches and the total pins to make it a 12-4 lead for Stewarts Creek. In the final game, Stewarts Creek outscored Cherokee 10-1 winning five of six matches and the total pin fall for the game and match. For the match, they won the pins by 473, 3037-2564.

"We made history this year," Red Hawks coach John Ruttencutter said. "Our girls know now where they need to be for next year."

In the semifinals, Stewarts Creek ran into a more experienced Bartlett team that defeated the Red Hawks 21.5-5.5.

The closest match was in the third game as Kayla Rowlett of Stewarts Creek and Bartlett Karissa Adkison tied at 179-179.

"It was fun and amazing for my freshman year, and all the support that we had and the winning was fun as well," Red Hawk freshman Bailey Caudill said.

Stewarts Creek finished the season with a 16-2 record.

"They have been bowling all of their lives and for the next three to four years they should be tough competition," Ruttencutter said of Caudill and Savannah Greer,  two young bowlers who also competed in the individual competition.

Blackman defeated Upperman 15-12 in what came down to the final frame and two final pins.

Senior Chas Smart had one ball to roll and two pins staring him down at the other end of the lane. The two pins fell, giving the Blaze the narrow win over Upperman, 1,144-1,143.

"We win together and we lose together," Blackman's Baileigh Snow said after the Upperman match. "There is more pressure on myself being with my team. It's not like being in the individual competition."

The next match Blackman faced the Bartlett Panthers, who were led by Dominic Williams. In the first game, Williams nearly rolled a perfect game as he hit his first nine strikes, and just missed out in the final frame with an open for a 266. Bartlett defeated the Blaze by a score of 20-7.

Snow bowled six games and five of them were 200 or better.

"When you play your best you can not ask for anything else. We just fell a little short," Blackman coach Jesse Messick said. "(Baileigh) Snow was rock solid. That is what she normally does, she has been reliable and consistent."

Blackman finished the historic season with a 20-6 record.

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