First-year Siegel football coach Renshaw building 'trust'


Siegel football coach Adam Renshaw was ready to hit the ground running, but the COVID-19 virus changed those plans.

Renshaw, who replaced Michael Copley as the Stars head coach, got to spend some time with his players, but with no spring practice he still has a lot to learn about his team.

"I got to work about five weeks with the kids in the weight room, but I didn't get to work with kids who were in other sports," Renshaw said. "It will be and adventure as far as who needs to be where when we get out there."

Siegel is coming off a 1-9 season, which led to the coaching change.

"One thing I've been really impressed with is the Siegel community and how much our teachers and administration care about our kids," Renshaw said. "We have some really good kids on our team and we want them to have a good experience next year."

Renshaw was more concerned with getting his team on the field rather than installing what will be new offensive and defensive schemes.

"I think you can still win with fundamentals," he said. "I'm more concerned about how the kids play football instead of schemes. We'll be behind, but a smart coach will go back and try not to be too complicated and figure out what his team can do well, and that's what we'll try to do."

For now, Renshaw and the rest of the coaches in Rutherford County are hoping for the best.

"Our original calendar had us starting the Wednesday of the last week of May," he said. "We're waiting on the green light from Rutherford County Schools.

"We've got to be patient and they've got to do what's best for the kids. Do I have a plan in my pocket if we start in June. You bet, but so does every other team in the state. There will be some adjustment. I think they key is whatever we're allowed to is try to make it an advantage. If we're working in small groups, we'll figure it out and how it will benefit us. I hope we can at least do tht in a reasonable period of time."

Renshaw, a former assistant under Ron Crawford at Brentwood and Cleveland, said upon his hiring he wanted to develop a new and winning culture at Siegel.

"I think worth ethic is something you have to stay on top every day," he said. "I want to earn their trust and respect and you only do that with time. I don't know where we are in that process. We've tried to stay in touch with them online and reach out to them if we think they need help. I mean, who are we kidding? I've got to put in my time and the kids need to see what I'm about.

"I feel like we have some good football players. Things will change, but the most important things are getting the kids to believe in themselves and each other. Teams that have each other’s back are the teams that win. Teams that have that culture are the teams that win."

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