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To the Editor:

Recently, Rutherford County has taken major steps toward identifying new waste solutions for our county. 

Mayor Ketron and representatives from Rutherford County and its cities have toured waste, recycling, and composting facilities from Sevierville to California to learn more about diversion programs that keep waste out of landfills.

Our elected officials are interested in implementing similar programs here to keep waste out of Middle Point Landfill. Although these types of operations could be viable long-term solutions to Rutherford County’s garbage problems, they require intensive planning and investment to ensure that ratepayers are not stuck with higher taxes and fees.

Keeping waste out of the landfill by recycling and composting are important components of a forward-thinking plan and the commission should continue exploring these options.

Businesses want to focus on our customers, our services and our bottom lines and not worry about where our waste goes. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury anymore now that our local landfill has less than 10 years capacity left in it. 

If we do nothing, Rutherford County businesses and residents will be forced to pay unforeseen amounts to ship our trash out to landfills in other counties and states. This will cost each of us more and more each month and will cause harm to our businesses and our personal finances.

With careful planning and input from local businesses, Rutherford County and Murfreesboro can implement a first-class system that keeps as much as possible out of landfills, including recycling, and saves us money by keeping our taxes and fees low.

The time to take action is now and local small businesses must have a seat at the table. We cannot wait until our landfill is full to make such a crucial decision.

Dave Bowes, Metro Diner; Ozzy Nelson, Mayday Brewery; Steve Hernandez, Hernandez Mexican Deli; Candy Wence, Big Creek Winery; Laura Phillips, Miller's Grocery; Uishal Patel, La Vergne Beverage Depot

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