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To the Editor:

Bobby Fanning’s opinion letter in last week’s Murfreesboro Post suggesting all veterans should not vote for President Trump amounts to surrender in the face of the enemy.

He references remarks, attributed to anonymous sources in Mr. (Bob) Woodward’s most recent book, allegedly made during a trip overseas when a visit to a WWI cemetery was cancelled. Twenty people actually present at the time of the alleged remarks have since publicly affirmed that those remarks were never made, including a reference in the recent book of the not-so-friendly John Bolton.

The President’s remarks about John McCain being a loser for being captured during Vietnam were very unfortunate, but somewhat understandably made in anger. They came on the heels of Sen. McCain having leaked the “Steele” dossier to the press. Instead of trying to verify its truthfulness, McCain chose to attack and embarrass President Trump regardless of the veracity of the salacious information contained therein.

Many veterans believe their recommendations carry more weight than others. The truth is bad advice remains bad advice regardless of the source. Mr. Fanning, a veteran of Korea and Vietnam, observed first-hand the death of many fellow soldiers in their common fight against Communism. Now, as we all face the real possibility of our own country falling into the hands of radicals who embrace Marxism, he’s ready to vote them into power over some “words” he doesn’t like; how “woke.”

I volunteered for Vietnam in 1966 and spent 30 years as a major crimes and homicide detective in Los Angeles. I recently moved to Tennessee to get some respite from what portents for the whole country should Mr. Biden win in November.

I suggest all veterans and people who want safety in their Tennessee neighborhoods vote for President Trump, or you will soon have people who do what I used to do for 30 years coming to your home taking reports after some violent disaster has created agony within your family’s hearts.

We’ve already had protests here; it’ll be much worse and in the suburbs if Biden wins.

Tom Budds


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