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To the Editor:

The Constitution of the United States introduces itself and its contents this way: “We the people.” They are all legal Americans who declared they wanted to form a more perfect union. True Americans are for unity, for establishing justice, for domestic tranquility, for the common defense, for the general welfare and for all the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

I write this article in response to a June 16 letter to the editor written by Spc. Braden Wells. I thank you for your service in our armed forces. Soldiers fighting for freedom of U.S. citizens want to deprive unborn citizens of their right to enjoy freedom.

Do you have the same horror when there are 950 lives murdered every day by Planned Parenthood? These abortions (murders) are paid with tax money the government collects from American citizens. You fought for freedom for all, except those unborn babies.

The First Amendment gives all American citizens the right to peaceably assemble and speak their concerns. However, they have no right to burn buildings, burn police cars, break windows, destroy property, murder citizens, murder cops and illegally seize property. Since these are domestic enemies, how serious are you defending the Constitution against them? If you take an oath, back it up with correct action. Do you have evidence that President Trump has abused his power? The pledge to the flag says this is a republic, not a democracy.

The street of any state does not belong to me and you in America. Try building a house in the middle of Memorial Boulevard and see how long it stays there.

I was born again through Jesus Christ and I am heartbroken due to the death of George Floyd and others. Jesus gave me lasting peace that’s always present in my soul. Jesus was falsely accused, crucified and buried but rose again for our justification. Jesus died and rose so all men could have peace through faith. Peace doesn’t come through retaliation, but through a resurrected, victorious Savior.

When the cops are wrong, they need a fair trial, a fair judgement and a fair jury to determine punishment. However, the looters, rioters and murderers who forget to protest peacefully protest need to be arrested, jailed and tried legally. Equal justice for all who commit crime no matter what color clothes they wear

Sam Randolph



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