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To the Editor:

As an American citizen saved by grace through Christ and God, called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and properly ordained and licensed by the church to the full work of the ministry, I desired to write this letter in response to an article on Sept. 15 by Bobby Fanning.

I thank you for your service in the armed forces of the United States. However, I cannot thank you for agreeing with the false accusations against President Trump by the reporter in the Atlantic paper.

President Trump didn’t accuse military service men and women of being “losers and suckers.” This has been proven by many ear witnesses who were there when this conversation was occurring. They confirmed that those words were never spoken by President Trump.

If you would check the record of what was spoken about Sen. McCain, it would establish the fact that he was not considered an actual hero because he got caught by the enemy. He was not called “a sucker and a loser.”

He did not discredit any soldier who died fighting for freedom in North America.

Every news channel should have fact checked what President Trump said or didn’t say before they reported it. Mr. Fanning, you should have known the honest truth before you wrote your letter.

North America cannot be great again if legal citizens take your bad advice and vote against President Trump.

Mr. Fanning states that many American soldiers died fighting for freedom. He suggests that voting for the left-wing Democrats is a better choice for America. However, I feel compelled to inform him that pro-abortion Democrats would deprive unborn citizens of their right to enjoy freedom.

It seems to me, Mr. Fanning, that you make citizens whose life begins at conception “losers” by voting against President Donald Trump.

Hopefully, Democrats will not “sucker” you into being a “loser” if you vote for them.

Sam Randolph


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