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To the Editor:

I was born at Middle Tennessee Medical Center in the 1980s. I’m biracial with paternal roots dating back to the 1800s in this county.

As a child I remember seeing Johnny Reb and how I felt then is how I feel today. He has no place in the town square. Many great people have come from Murfreesboro in our over 200-year history We have grown beyond and while it will always be our history, we are so much more than the Civil War.

We are not outsiders/carpet baggers; we call Murfreesboro home too. Many of us longer than those who try to belittle our voices.

Johnny Reb should be in Evergreen Cemetery where the Confederate soldiers are buried. This is the only home I have ever known and Johnny Reb doesn’t represent me or my Rutherford County.

Elizabeth Jones


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