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To the Editor:

“I take an Oath before God as enormously consequential …” Sen. Mitt Romney said to explain his historic vote to impeach President Donald Trump. 

He listened to the video testimony, read the extensive documents detailing the president’s egregious acts and came to the only rational conclusion a just and moral juror should make: the president had repeatedly abused his oath to the Constitution, the power of the office of president and betrayed the people of this country. 

The sad fact is Romney was the only member of the Republican Party to stand by his oath and do what was right for his, and our, country. In their lawlessness, the Republicans can no longer claim to be the party of “law and order.” Their rejection of their oaths and the Constitution has placed them in the same class as the Tory Party found itself in the 18th century. 

The Republicans want bribery to be sanctioned by the government for corporate interests. They claim that “pre-existing” conditions will be covered while neglecting to tell you that insurance companies will have free range to hike premiums for those affected beyond sight. 

They are targeting earned benefits of Social Security and Medicare for cuts and restrictions to strangle them out of existence. Medicaid will die a swift death under their watch.

Republicans and the president have freed corporate industry and farms to pollute our water and air. They have weakened and strained our food supply inspection system to the point where food-borne illnesses are increasing. Corporate farm intensive agriculture has lowered the nutrition content of most food sources to the point that it requires two and three times the bulk to get the same nutritional values of 30 years ago.

This picture of the Republican Party shows it is bad for America, bad for morals, bad for law and order, bad for the economy of the middle and struggling classes, bad for our Constitution, bad for our land, water, and air. They are bad for America! Let them go the way of the Tories and vanish into obscurity where they belong.

Any thinking individual must conclude the Republicans should be removed from power and any elected office as they are unfit to govern. Vote them out in November!

Perry Ogletree


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