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To the Editor:

The subject of this letter focuses on pit bull dogs, especially those in animal kill shelters.

Due to the stigma attached to pit bulls, they are passed over again and again in shelters waiting for their forever homes. I believe statistics prove that the number of pit bulls destroyed in animal shelters exceeds those of any other breed which is so wrong for so many reasons.

Killing innocent animals of any breed or mix should be abhorred, period! Pit bulls are loving and make good pets just as well as any other breed or mix.

Rutherford County has and continues to grow, resulting in overpopulation of animals and creating a significant problem in the shelter. The most effective solution to this problem is spaying/neutering vs. letting animals breed and subsequently surrendering the litters of kittens and puppies as well as their parents to the shelter.

Pit bulls linger on the adoption floor for several reasons: their misguided reputation, landlords who will not rent to anyone who owns one, insurance companies that refuse to ensure homeowners who have pit bulls, as well as most rescues who will not take them.

To say that there is a shortage of pit bulls rescues in Tennessee is an understatement. These are dogs that, in spite of being used to fight one another, abused, neglected, left in backyards chained so tight that it bruises their necks, still love people.

If any breed of dogs has issues, there are professionals who conduct behavior, training and obedience classes to remedy these situations. All God’s creatures should have a chance to live out their lives.

Lorraine O’Coin


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