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To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Army Spc. Braden Wells’ letter entitled “Army veteran says Americans are not the enemy” published by this paper June 16. I thank him for his service, and his father’s service in the Gulf War.

In his letter, he rightly expresses the horror everyone felt when George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis policeman using a choke hold. The protests that have resulted are largely attended by moral Americans responding to an injustice.

But have you ever wondered where are the protests against the senseless and violent killing on June 1 of the black retired St Louis policeman, David Dorn, killed by a black rioter? Where are the protests against the black victims of crime in Chicago and other cities, carried out by fellow blacks? Where are the protests against the white criminals killed by white and non-white police while protecting themselves and others?

They’re nowhere to be found because they don’t fit the mainstream media’s narrative, which is to divide people into warring groups, and attack the current president, something they’ve been doing since January 2016. Then Antifa comes along and co-opts the peaceful protests, seeing an opportunity to further divide and conquer, to cause chaos and mayhem to bring about their goal of godless anarchy and communism.

And Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors recently stated in an interview that “we’re trained Marxists.” These groups are actively (or supporting) the pulling down of statues, throwing bricks, vandalizing property, and spray-painting vulgar slogans against Trump, against capitalism, and even against Christianity.

Suddenly, the black lives of the George Floyds and David Dorns of the world are cast away, replaced by violence, looting, calls for communism, Marxism, defunding of police, and fascist “autonomous zones.”

Trump has NOT “chosen to make the American people the enemy.” The president’s use of active duty National Guard troops to supplement local and state law enforcement against anti-American violence, insurrection and looting is both Constitutional and in line with his oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It was NOT to “intimidate and threaten the population.”

Mr. Wells, you and I both swore that oath when we joined the military. Let’s not allow the mainstream media to distract us from it.

FTC(SS) Jim Sandman, USN Ret.

Gulf War veteran


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