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To the Editor:

I am a Boy Scout and youth citizen of Murfreesboro. I write to express my concern about how dangerous it is to be a pedestrian in Murfreesboro. 

Though there are many sidewalks in the city, and that is a good thing, there are not a lot of easy ways for pedestrians to cross major streets such as South Church and Broad Street. Anyone who sees people attempting to cross a street such as Memorial Drive fear for the pedestrians because there are so many cars and no one slows down for people crossing the street.

In a city where there are so many cars, it would be great if more pedestrian crosswalks and bridges were put into place so that people have an option to walk instead of drive, especially in and around their neighborhoods.

 I live on the south side of town and would love to visit the new businesses that are opening when I go on my afternoon walk but it is too dangerous to cross the street.

Murfreesboro city government really needs to make turning Murfreesboro into a pedestrian friendly city a priority. It will create more safety for the citizens and help with decreasing the need for people to always drive.

Kamau Hargrow


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