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To the Editor:

Do you know history, or just what they taught you in Leftist/Democrat controlled public schools and college?

A monument in Middle Tennessee is placed to honor a respected and successful businessman from the pre-Civil War Era. Sherrod Bryant owned an estimated 700-acre plantation and owned many African slaves to work such an expanse of land and crops. 

The interesting part is not that he was a slave owner, as was quite a common thing for business owners and culturally acceptable during those and the proceeding thousands of years of human history. The interesting part is the fact he himself was a “Black Man” of African descent and the alleged racist, redneck haters from the southern United States allowed him to become successful and contribute to the local economy. 

Culture has changed, yet the whole truth such as Mr. Bryant’s contribution to history is not shared in public classrooms. You will not find him in other African American Historical Museums either. In my opinion, that is a shame as it would help many people and children understand that slavery and indentured servitude was not seen as the horror as it is today.

I believe Sherrod Bryant, his history and this monument busts the myth, the racist narrative that is used by the political left to endear them as strong empathy zealots to the unsuspecting general public. There must be an enemy, an antagonist and a “victim” to create an impacting, theatrical political presentation.

It works very well for the Democrat Party and other leftist, alleged liberal parties and continues with zeal to this very day. Should this monument be torn down or defaced such as many others recently have been? My opinion is absolutely not. History is our path to better tomorrows. Only philosophically deficient people believe otherwise. 

Terry Lang


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