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You haven’t tried everything until you’ve tried everything.

Patients often come to see me with chronic pain that they have suffered for years. They tell me about all the doctors, therapists, surgeries and procedures that have tried. They list all the medications, prescriptions, vitamins, herbs, supplements, lotions and potions they have tried.  

Many have tried things they have heard about on the internet or from friends or acquaintances. Some of the products are pretty sketchy at times. I may even look at them and ask, do you even know what is in this bottle?  (“Well I heard it would help and I thought why not?”)

Often, they say something like, “I’ve tried everything.”

I think, “Well you haven’t been here before, so you haven’t really tried everything.”

I ask people why they have suffered for years before coming to see me. Often a friend or their doctor has already recommended they come to me for an opinion or treatment.

“Well, I already saw another chiropractor or had physical therapy (or massage) and that didn’t help.” Or “I tried acupuncture already and that didn’t help.”

In the patient’s mind, chiropractic care or acupuncture treatment is all the same. They may have tried one provider and decided that wasn’t the right solution. In reality, there can be vast differences between chiropractors and acupuncturists.  

Being a chiropractic physician means my first task is to accurately assess the cause of the symptoms. In some cases, I will make a diagnosis that others have overlooked, missed, or failed to regard in the way that I do. I have taken additional training far beyond the required continuing education over the years that has led me to understand chronic pain problems much more clearly than I did three decades ago.

Solving a chronic pain problem goes beyond an accurate diagnosis. In our office we offer gentle, effective, advanced contemporary chiropractic care, Non-surgical Spinal Disc Decompression that can often solve back and neck pain, sciatica and pinched nerve problems that have persisted for years and our exclusive painless medical acupuncture. 

Additionally, we offer NeuroMed Matrix pain treatment technology, neuropathy treatment, physical rehab training to restore normal pain-free motion and more.

In short, our office has more drug-free, non-surgical treatment options than you are likely to find anywhere.  It is very likely that we have an answer for most people in pain.

But because people make generalizations, they may not realize that the treatment they have tried before may be much different from what is available here.

We address all kinds of chronic joint, muscle and nerve pain in our office. There are new advancements being developed in drug-free treatment options every day. We work to continue to evaluate how effective these new forms of treatment may be.  If there is an advantage, we will consider adding the treatment to our clinic. (We added three new pain treatment technologies to our office last year.)

While some of our treatment options may be centuries old such as acupuncture, some have been developed within the past decade.

In a way, thinking you have tried everything is like the student failing math and deciding she has tried school and it is not effective. If that same student tries tutoring or another teacher, she may find that she excels in math when it is properly explained. Or she may find that some of the new technology such as computer-based tutoring that uses games can help her get past the obstacles.

Another example would be a man with a car problem. The first mechanic told him he needed expensive engine replacement. He asks at another shop and after a quick look, even more expensive engine replacement is recommended. However, when he takes the car to a more advanced diagnostic center, he learns that it can be repaired for far less than what he had been told.  

The first mechanics were not able to accurately diagnose the problem so their solution was to replace the entire engine, which turned out to be unnecessary. He may have thought “I’ve already seen a mechanic, so there is nothing else to be done,” and given up. However, persisting and finding another opinion paid off.

There is always another way to address every problem. If you have persistent pain, keep searching until you find a real solution, not a drug cover-up.

Dr. Mark Kestner is a licensed chiropractic physician in Murfreesboro. His office is at 1435 NW Broad St. Contact him at mkestner@DrKestner.com

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