The UFC has held two events without fans, and NASCAR followed suit Sunday at Darlington Raceway

It’s different, but it’s live.

NASCAR ran four races before the COVID-19 virus shut down the sport. It’s time to play catch up. Another NASCAR Cup race will be run on Wednesday at Darlington, followed by two more races at Charlotte on Sunday, May 24 and Wednesday, May 27.

The following race will be held in Tennessee at Bristol Motor Speedway.

It’s certainly a fan favorite, and it’s a shame the folks who religiously make it a vacation every year won’t be allowed to attend.

It will be different, but at least it will be live.

The NBA was the first of the professional sports leagues to suspend play as one of its players became the first athlete that we know of who contracted the virus.

According to reports last week, it looks like the NBA just might return as an announcement is expected within the next month without fans.

It will be different, but at least it will be live.

Major League Baseball’s owners have a plan in place that would feature an 81-game season with additional teams in the playoffs.

However, several players spoke out last week about the fact they’ll make only half of their salary, and the risk isn’t worth the reward. I guess a full salary would be worth the risk?

So, it remains to be seen when, or if, the sport will be played this summer. If an 81-game schedule is played, fans will not be in the stands.

It will be different, but at least it will be live.

College football and NFL players would normally be reporting for camp in July and August but it also remains to be seen when they’ll be allowed to meet as one and prepare for the upcoming season.

Depending on who’s talking, football will definitely be played. On the other hand, some have suggested it won’t happen.

Either way, it’s hard to imagine football without fans, but at least it will be live. 

College basketball is going to be interesting as well. It’s hard to fathom no fans in the stands.

But you get the message: At least it will be live.

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