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Have you ever tried something new that you had previously avoided, and then discovered that you actually really liked it?

I can recall at a very early age being out and about with my father. We stopped at a gas station and decided to get a soft drink. This was a time when the drinks in the machines cost a nickel if you can imagine that. You would deposit your nickel into the slot, and then open a hinged glass door and select your ice cold drink.

He offered me a Dr. Pepper. I immediately said “Eww, no!” I had never tried Dr. Pepper; in fact, I had never heard of it. I was only 5 years old and soft drinks were not as common then as they are now. But I certainly did not like the sound of the name. First of all, anything called “Dr.” was bound to taste like medicine, and the idea of drinking something named after pepper was not appealing either. I was positive it would be horrible!

But he grinned and persisted, “I promise you will like it, go ahead and take a little taste.” 

Nope, not having it.

He grinned even wider and said, “You really need to try this, you will like it.  If you don’t like it, I will get you something else.”

Finally, I hesitantly took a little swig of the icy-cold glass bottle, prepared to spit it out.

Wow! I can still recall the reaction I had to discovering that what I had imagined as something dreadful tasted so sweet. It turned out to be my favorite soft drink of all time.

How could I have known something with such an unappealing name, at least to a 5-year-old, would taste so delicious?

Had my father not persisted in encouraging me to venture out to try something new, I would have missed the pleasure of this new taste.

Over the years I have become much more adventuresome in trying new tastes. As I have traveled and encountered new cultures, I am always willing to at least give new dishes a try. I have discovered many of my most favorite foods by trying something I was completely unfamiliar with.

There are many times that we have preconceived expectations about things that do not match the actual experience.

Being a chiropractor and acupuncturist, I often encounter people that have a preconceived notion about what I do and the treatment I provide. Because they have heard that chiropractors “crack backs”, they imagine a vigorous, medieval maneuver worthy of WWF fame. Or when they hear I am an acupuncturist they imagine being stabbed by sharp dangerous needles similar to what they have encountered in other medical procedures. I admit, neither of the visions detailed above sounds very appealing to me either.

Sometimes people imagine that all chiropractors operate the same way and provide the same kinds of treatment. After all, all cooks work the same way and prepare the same kind of meals, right? Oh wait, there are many vast differences between cooks and the kinds of food they prepare; some cooks are experts and others are hacks. 

We provide many types of safe and effective care in our office. I constantly research new and better ways to solve the health problem that our patients present to us. We are providing innovative treatments this week that did not even exist a few years ago.

As a Tennessee licensed Chiropractic Physician, in my office I am actually doing a lot of other things every day that most people don’t imagine. I am consulting with patients, doing examinations, ordering and evaluating diagnostic testing, directing therapy for patients that might include non-surgical spinal disc decompression (literally so comfortable patients often fall asleep), medical laser treatment for painful joints, NeuroMed electroanalgesia to provide the first pain relief patients have felt for months or years, prescribing rehab activities to help patients learn how to do home activities that can help end pain and increase their ability to enjoy life again, and many other kinds of treatments.

The hands-on spinal treatments I do provide are surprisingly comfortable and effective. My patients usually do not get sore or experience any other kind of negative effect related to treatment. They get treated, they get better. It’s that simple.

I provide acupuncture, too. I use the world’s finest quality, tiny sterile needles no bigger than a human hair and very precisely make insertions that patients rarely feel. In fact, many patients ask me when I am going to start after I have already inserted several needles without them feeling even one. Like the other treatments, the acupuncture we provide is so comfortable patients often fall asleep.

If you have health problems and have never tried our treatments, I encourage you to try something new.  Like my dad told me so many years ago, “Try it, I promise you will like it.”

Dr. Mark Kestner is a chiropractor in Murfreesboro. His office is at 1435 NW Broad St. Contact him at mkestner@DrKestner.com

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