We continue to have no major winter weather headed our way through Feb. 5. This week we will see high temperatures mostly in the low 50s with scattered showers from time to time. 

The month of February can bring anything from thunderstorms to snow so we have to watch it closely but nothing major is coming our way right now. Sunrise is now at 6:51 a.m. with sunset at 5:09 p.m. so the days are getting a little bit longer.

There will be some interesting things going on in the night sky in 2020. We will have a Super Moon in March and April, that is a full moon that is closer to Earth so it appears brighter and bigger. 

On March 24 the planet Venus will be bright and at its highest point in the evening sky after dark. On July 5 there will be a partial eclipse of the moon. We have the second-best meteor shower of the year expected on Aug. 12-13 and Dec. 13-14 will feature the best meteor shower of the year.

On Dec. 21 Jupiter and Saturn will appear side-by-side and bright in the western sky after sunset.  

Steve Norris provides information to Emergency Management Agencies in many counties in Tennessee. You may contact him at with questions, provide a weather update for your area or suggest topics for his column.

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