Looks like above normal precipitation will continue this week across Middle Tennessee. 

The state had some amazing amounts of rainfall from Feb. 4-6. Eight inches fell in Moore County near the Lynchburg area; seven inches in Sequatchie County; and six and one-half inches in Putnam County. Five-six inches was common in most areas of Middle Tennessee with serious flooding in many places.

Three or four days this week will have a chance of rain. High temperatures are expected to be in the 50s from Feb. 15-20.

We do not have to worry about measuring snow very often in Middle Tennessee but this week I thought I would tell you the official tips for doing this. 

Do not measure under a tree or near any objects. Stick a ruler or yardstick straight down into the snow until It just touches ground but do not jab it into the ground. Take about four-six measurements and then average the total. 

I love receiving precipitation totals and storm reports from you so email me anytime.

Steve Norris provides information to Emergency Management Agencies in many counties in Tennessee. You may contact him at with questions, provide a weather update for your area or suggest topics for his column.

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