To the Citizens of Murfreesboro:

On Jan. 14, 2020, the 111th General Assembly of the Tennessee Legislature will convene and public education issues will be open for debate.

It is the goal of The Murfreesboro City School Board to keep the public informed of ongoing issues that affect our students, teachers and school district, and we welcome working together with parents and community members as we move forward together.

The Murfreesboro City School Board has identified a legislative agenda for our local elected delegation that we believe will allow our students to achieve their highest potential.

2020 Legislative Priorities

Vouchers — The Murfreesboro City School Board opposes any legislation or effort to create or expand programs that would divert money intended for public education to private schools or organizations.

Equity of Assessment — The Murfreesboro City School Board urges the General Assembly to require any private education institution receiving funds through the Education Savings Account program to be held to the same testing requirements as public schools. Currently, only the children receiving vouchers are tested; the schools they are attending are not. Therefore, all children in receiving schools should be tested just as are all children in public schools are tested. Without such testing, comparisons are invalid.

Reduction of Testing — The Murfreesboro City School Board encourages legislation that changes requirements of assessments to math and ELA in grades 3-8; science at least once during grades 3-5, grades 6-9 and grades 10-12.

Predictive Assessments — The Murfreesboro City School Board supports the Department of Education’s creation of a formative assessment item bank aligned with state standards and TNReady. Ideally, the state should provide three predictive, formative assessments designed by the test supplier. Currently, districts are spending thousands of dollars on formative assessments, without certainty that the tests align with TNReady.

School Grading — The Murfreesboro City School Board opposes an A-F labeling of schools.

Fully Funded Basic Education Program (BEP) — The Murfreesboro City School Board supports fully funding the BEP, including increased funding for capital outlay. In addition, the Board supports no unfunded mandates.

Funding for Mental Health/Behavior Resources — The Murfreesboro City School Board supports increased funding for mental health and behavioral resources in schools, such as counselors, social workers, behavioral specialists, etc.

Revision of Homeschool and Virtual School Deadline — The Murfreesboro City School Board supports returning the homeschool law to the previous registration timeline, with students required to be registered by end of September; exemption from that timeline should be provided, on an individual student basis, by the Director of Schools. The Board supports holding virtual school registration to that same timeline and exemption process.

Revision of PC465 — The Murfreesboro City School Board supports changes to PC465, which requires students in grades 7-12 who have been suspended or expelled to attend an alternative school, to include exemptions for short-term suspensions and zero-tolerance.

Appointed Directors of Schools — The Murfreesboro City School Board supports Board appointed Directors of Schools.

Feel free to contact me at to share your concerns and or ideas.

Becky Goff has been a member of the Murfreesboro City School Board since 2018.

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