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Some people are naturally optimistic. They just seem to see the bright side of things and are rarely in a bad mood. Others are the opposite, naturally tending toward a negative disposition. 

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It looks like we are going to have a hot week in Middle Tennessee with high temperatures in the 90s and the nights in the low 70s.

After the lovely Labor Day weekend, there will be a slight chance of an afternoon thundershower by the middle of the week because of the heat and increasing humidity.  

I am constantly reviewing new research focused on solving chronic pain. As a result, we are able to provide more successful treatment for patients with chronic back, neck and joint pain than ever before.  It is very unusual for a patient not to find relief if they come to our clinic.

We are into a period of unsettled weather in Middle Tennessee. Showers and thunderstorms are quite likely through Tuesday. Many of these will produce heavy downpours and cloud-to-ground lightning.

“The soul is dyed by the thoughts. Dye it, then, with a continuous series of such thoughts as these – that where a man can live, there - if he will - he can also live well.” — Marcus Aurelius

Are you looking for useful ways to volunteer?  Do you want to invest in your community, but are unsure where your donations will do the most good?  Would you like to know more about the services non-profit organizations in your community provide?  Read on to discover how you can make a diffe…

The week ahead is going to bring an increase in the showers and thunderstorms to Middle Tennessee. Probabilities increase to 50 percent Wednesday and 70 percent Thursday and Friday and I would expect some of those to be storms with heavy downpours.  

For many Nashville area residents, finding a primary care physician (PCP) that meets your unique needs is exhausting. So, when your favorite doctor tells you they’re retiring, moving out of network or leaving the state, restarting the search process can be daunting.

Expect hot and humid weather Tuesday with high temperatures in the low to mid-90s and scattered thunderstorms will be possible. Storms early in the week could be heavy because they will be powered by the hot and humid conditions.