The Murfreesboro Post asked some local people what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Summer Whitaker: “My family and faith; without both I wouldn’t make it through this difficult season.”

Lisa Sloan: “My family.”

Susan Carney: “God, and family.”

Crystal Schulz: She said she is grateful for her “family” at Seeds Church.

Casey Reynolds: “My life with Christ, my family, my health, my job, my home, all my friends and family. My life in a whole couldn’t be any better than it is.”

Mary Probert, a breast cancer survivor: “For being alive, and being able (hopefully/prayerfully) to help others with breast cancer.” She said she also is thankful for her friends.

Gabriel Fancher: “I’m thankful for my job. After COVID-19 took away my job at the university I’m so happy to be in the classroom teaching kids at Holloway. I should have been teaching high school all my life. It took COVID-19 for me to finally do it.”

Gina Kellum: “My family.” She said she experienced flooding at her old home as well as concerns with nearby development, followed by a move and a job change. She said her family has helped her through all that.

Mariah Phillips: “My husband’s time at home. He is a touring musician, and COVID has taken him off the road. In our 24 years of marriage, we’ve not had him home this much and it’s been great.”

Steve Cates: “Wonderful friends.”

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