Travis Holland

Travis Holland

Travis Holland, the Eagleville School teacher who was suspended after a video showed him rubbing a female student’s back and was reassigned to Holloway High School, has resigned, Rutherford County Schools says.

Holland resigned Tuesday, said James Evans, RCS communications and community relations director. He did not provide any additional detail.

While at Eagleville, the former history teacher and baseball coach drew scrutiny after the video surfaced. Police and the Department of Children’s Services declined to pursue an investigation, RCS said. Rutherford County Schools in June announced that it had completed its investigation of the teacher.

Holland was charged internally with “conduct unbecoming a member of the teaching profession and inefficiency,” RCS announced in June. He received a 10-day unpaid suspension, reassignment to a smaller school and removal of all coaching duties. He will be required to complete counseling through Rutherford County’s Employee Assistance Program.

The Murfreesboro Post reviewed Holland’s personnel file, which showed the school he was transferred to was Holloway. The file showed the results of the internal investigation, which showed seven charges, or complaints.

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