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FRANKLIN, Tenn., Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Former Greenwood police chief, Greg Hallgrimson shares his detailed account of the incident on The Shawn Ryan Show. Host Shawn Ryan, former Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor, asks hard questions in an emotional interview. Watch the full interview on Vigilance Elite's YouTube channel.

In December 2018 outside of Kansas City Jonathon Zicarelli walked into the Greenwood police station and said he drowned his daughter in a pond, according to police. Hallgrimson and another officer responded to the pond and revived the six month old. He recollects what happened in his own words. "I reached down that baby's throat and dug out an enormous amount of mud and dirt and grass," said Hallgrimson. "I started compressions again and at some point she let out a whimper."

After returning to the station, Hallgrimson threw down and punched Zicarelli who was handcuffed.

"It looked like the soul was gone," said Hallgrimson. "There was no soul behind his eyes. It's a different kind of evil."

Hallgrimson was indicted in 2019 on a single count of violating the civil rights of Zicarelli and pleaded guilty. He currently faces the possibility of a 12-year sentence and the possibility of having to pay restitution to Zicarelli.

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