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RCS Superintendent Bill Spurlock said he defends his record as director in response to the portions of his recent personnel evaluation that were critical of him.

Rutherford County Schools Board of Education members recently sent their individual evaluations of Spurlock to the Tennessee School Boards Association to compile. The TSBA provided the Murfreesboro Post with a copy of the original evaluations, most of which were signed, as well as the final version that compiled everything and did not name board members. Some comments were complimentary, while others were critical.

During a recent board meeting, Spurlock had asked that the comments on the evaluation be signed.

The TSBA said these board members signed the original evaluation comments sent to them: Chairman Coy Young; Lisa Moore; Tammy Sharp; Sheila Bratton; Vice Chair Tiffany Johnson; and Jim Estes. Not listed was Claire Maxwell.

Johnson told the Murfreesboro Post the district scored all fives (the highest score) on its state report card this year, which is better than last year, according to TSBA executive director Dr. Tammy Grissom. The director told the board that comparable districts did not achieve that. Other good things are happening in the district as well, which are not reflected in Spurlock’s evaluation, Johnson said.

“I think that’s because of the division in the board,” she said. “He’s not perfect, but he’s not a 1 or a 2.”

Spurlock said that sometimes a board will send a director’s evaluation to the TSBA, and some do not. Johnson said the board involved the TSBA because the board is divided.

Spurlock said the cumulative scores do not represent the job the district does.

“We will continue to make sure we are providing an opportunity for our students, our teachers and our administrators,” he said.

Performance goals and objectives were measured on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest. Spurlock averaged a 2.83. Categories were: 2.71, improve the academic performance of all students; 2.57, create a safe and nurturing environment for students, staff and educational environment; 2.86, promote parental and community involvement; 2.86, recruit, select and retain exemplary school district personnel; and 3.14, create opportunities which prepare students for responsible citizenship.

On a scale of 1-5, he scored: 3 for building relationships with the board, with a subscore of 2.71 for harmonious relationship with the board; 3.2, community relationships; 3.57, staff relationships; 3.83, facilities and finance; 3.46, vision; 3.71, student achievement. The overall average was 3.46.

Board Chairman Coy Young wrote on his original evaluation, “Stay the course and continue to focus on RCS.”

Board member Tammy Sharp wrote on the original evaluation, “With women being the majority in the teaching profession I still see a lot of misogyny, and that needs to be addressed in our district starting with the Director.”

Spurlock said that comment is “borderline defamation.” He said he has hired 13 female principals while superintendent.

Spurlock said that good things are happening in the district, and they are due to the classroom teachers and other staff.

“It’s not about one person,” he said. “We believe in our mission:’ Empowering today’s students to grasp tomorrow’s opportunities.’ That’s not just words – that’s something we believe in.”

The full evaluation by the Rutherford County Schools Board of Education about Superintendent Bill Spurlock is attached to this story at

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