Brian Hercules


Smyrna Town Manager Brian Hercules gave the Smyrna Town Council a report Tuesday night about the impact on the town’s communications systems in the aftermath of the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville

Hercules reported that the bombing near the Nashville AT&T communications hub disabled Smyrna’s 911 system, along with the other 911 systems in the county. Hercules said that many Town personnel were able to re-establish 911 communications in Smyrna within four hours with an alternate phone number.

Basic 911 service on alternate lines was re-established that day, though it took about a week to re-establish GPS and database location service, meaning 911 dispatchers had to ask callers for their street addresses instead of the 911 system automatically reporting addresses.

The bombing also affected AT&T telephone service in Smyrna, and according to Hercules, had an impact on Stonecrest Hospital and other facilities.

Hercules also reported that construction blasting is occurring frequently in Smyrna, and the town staff is fielding an increasing number of complaints.

However, blasting and complaints about blasting are managed by the State of Tennessee Fire Marshal’s office. Hercules said that blasting questions and complaints can be directed to that office at (615) 741-7190.

The Town of Smyrna limits blasting to Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. No blasting is allowed in Smyrna on Sunday.

Blasting contractors are also required to have a Smyrna permit.

The Council also held a public hearing which supported an amendment to the Smyrna Municipal Code to allow the manufacturing of wine.