Logan Stewart Guarino, Goodwill's store manager in Smyrna, was named one of the three Achievers of the Year by Goodwill.

Guarino was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but she graduated high school with both a diploma and an associate’s degree in psychology. 

For the next six years she cared for children with developmental or behavioral disorders. She planned to take a yearlong break to work in a less stressful position. She went to Goodwill Career Solutions for help finding the right position and decided to try working as a donations processor at Godwill’s Hermitage store.

Guarino discovered a passion for Goodwill’s mission. She worked at four stores and ultimately became manager of Goodwill’s store in Smyrna. Her supervisor says Guarino’s attention to detail, strong leadership skills and empathy for employees facing challenges make her an ideal manager.

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