Rockvale High could lead to countywide zoning changes

Members of the Siegel High School Chamber Choir perform a Christmas concert for the Rutherford County School Board Thursday, Dec. 7. JASON M. REYNOLDS

Rutherford County School Board chairman Jeff Jordan said the projected August 2019 opening of Rockvale High School likely will lead to a countywide redrawing of districts that could affect all high schools.

“I’d like to think we’re going to do it, bite the bullet and do it right,” he said. “Clearly we’re going to make some people unhappy.”

Director of Schools Don Odom said the system has worked on preliminary maps for zoning. Changes to zoning normally take place a year before a school opens, but the work can begin sooner, Odom said.

Spending requests

The Rutherford County School Board approved a number of spending requests during its monthly meeting Thursday, Dec. 7, some of which will not cost the school system any money.

Blackman Middle School Principal Will Shelton filed a request to build softball dugouts, according to the board. The visitors’ dugout will be 10 feet by 18 feet and the home dugout will be 10 feet by 28 feet. The construction, worth about $1,500, will be funded through donations and money from the softball boosters at no cost to the school board.

Central Magnet School was approved for an HVAC system for the auditorium, with costs not to exceed $299,000. Maynard Select made the proposal.

The board approved the installation of an HVAC system by Maynard Select for the C Wing at Eagleville High School. That is the unfinished basement of a Phase II addition. The cost will not go over $231,000.

Riverdale High School Principal Ryan Nance received permission to install an HVAC system in the softball building, according to the board. The cost to the booster club is $2,672 for ductwork and electrical supplies. Hiller and Moeller are donating HVAC units and Hiller is donating the installation labor. There will be no cost to the school board.

Stewarts Creek High School was approved to spend drivers’ education funds totaling $98,000 to buy a 90-passenger bus.

The board also received an update on PESG, the company that provides substitute teachers. There are 617 subs. Board members also discussed concerns that some teachers may be using sick days when really they should be designating the time off as personal days.

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