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The Rutherford County Board of Education made two zone changes affecting four schools last week.

The board tweaked the zones for rising seventh-graders in Siegel-Oakland Middle schools and made changes to the zones for about 150 students at Wilson-Walter Hill Elementary schools.

The district has seen an increased enrollment of at least 1,000 students in seven of the past eight years, RCS said in a press release. The district last year made a large rezoning across many zones due to the opening of two schools.



The Siegel-Oakland rezoning will switch a limited number of students over a three-year period, said Shane Morgan, coordinator of enrollment forecasting and boundary planning; they are currently enrolled at Murfreesboro City Schools. 

Board Chairman Jim Estes said this zoning change only affects MCS students.

Morgan said, “The idea is to give Siegel more breathing room without a massive rezoning.”

There are 13 portables at Siegel Middle, and while the rezoning will not eliminate their use, the change may prevent the need to add another portable, Morgan said.

Trey Lee, assistant superintendent for engineering & construction, said there is not room to add another portable at Siegel.

The board approved the Siegel-Oakland change unanimously.


Walter Hill-Wilson

Regarding the elementary schools, officials said Walter Hill is at 66 percent capacity and Wilson is at 95 percent capacity.

The board approved the rezoning by 6-1, with board member Lisa Moore voting no.

The change means Wilson will have about 737 students and Walter Hill about 552.

A family member of one student expressed frustration after the meeting.

Douglas Newman of Sulphur Springs Road said his grandson is a special-needs third-grader at Wilson. As a rising fourth-grader next year, moving him to a new school where he doesn’t know anyone will be challenging. He said he expects his grandson to regress by about half a year because of the move.

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