After almost 14 years at the East Main Street location, Middle Tennessee State’s Parking Services will move into a new building at 205 City View Dr. and open on Monday, Jan. 4. Transportation Services also will move into the new building. 

The move will allow the university to have its own facility to provide repairs and maintenance on its 16 campus shuttle buses.

“Currently we park them (buses) over at the Facilities Services area,” said Ron Malone, assistant vice president of Events and Transportation Services. “We utilize their repair bays anytime we have repairs that need to be made on the buses and park the buses at the Motor Pool lot.

“Our operation has gotten so big — of course at the Motor Pool area they still have to take care of all the cars and things on campus — that we were jostling for time in the repair bays, and we needed to have the buses repaired and back out on the road as quickly as possible, but we couldn’t get into the repair bays.”

The department even tried outsourcing the repairs, but that still did not return buses to the road fast enough, Malone said. 

Malone said that three maintenance bays will be available. The opening of the new building also frees up the East Main building parking lot for more student parking, according to a university news release.

Though Parking and Transportation Services are part of the same department, they have been located across campus from one another for the last several years.

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