Bradyville Pike development placed on hold

This map shows the proposed Carter’s Retreat site in blue toward the east. The shaded area along Veals Road over to Bradyville Pike was being considered for annexation to connect the property to the city limits to the west. CITY OF MURFREESBORO

A controversial 210-home development on Bradyville Pike has been delayed over questions as to how the city would provide services to the site.

Members of the Murfreesboro City Council voted unanimously on Thursday, May 3, to defer annexation and zoning for the proposed Carter’s Retreat development. Kenneth S. Carter owns the 134-acre property at 3795 Bradyville Pike and is asking for annexation into the city. A zoning request for PRD and RS-10 is being made by Sourceland LLC.

The Murfreesboro Planning Commission held a public hearing on March 7 that drew concerns from a number of neighbors in the area over traffic, especially with city officials calling Bradyville Pike “substandard.” The commission gave the project a favorable recommendation.

The property is located along the northern side of Bradyville Pike (Highway 99), south of Veals Road, east of Oak Knoll Court and west of Ghee Road.

The city’s plan of annexation and plan of services called for annexing a long strip of Veals Road over to Bradyville Pike to connect the property to the city limits. The property does not currently adjoin the city limits. City planning staff said there is one site to the northwest that is under consideration to be annexed if the developer can arrange for a water line easement, and a large tract to the immediate north of Carter’s Retreat has received considerable interest in being annexed and developed. If those two sites were to be annexed, Carter’s Retreat would be brought up against the city limits, officials said.

Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland and council member Eddie Smotherman questioned the city’s ability to provide services like fire protection and garbage collection. Another concern was maintaining Veals Road as a city road. The mayor called the effort a “stretch.”

A motion to accept the plan of services died for lack of a second.

The city’s plan of development for Carter’s Retreat called for the site to access Bradyville Pike and not Veals Road, further adding to council members’ questions. After Smotherman raised that point, he moved to defer the case, saying that if the council voted it down, the developers would have to go through the entire application process again.

“What benefit would the city have in taking on that road to get this development and it’s not to be used,” McFarland asked.

City staff said they could look at annexing more along Bradyville Pike to connect the property to the city limits.

In other business, the council approved a motion to ask the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) for grant assistance in construction of an access road from Florence Road to the Sazerac site under the provisions of the Industrial Highway Act of 1959. The act allows TDOT to contract with cities and counties for the construction and maintenance of “Industrial Highways” to provide access to industrial areas. A grant amount was not listed.

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