The City of Murfreesboro on Wednesday confirmed a case of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in a City Golf Department employee.

Laboratory testing confirmed the diagnosis, the city said in a statement. The city was notified Wednesday.

The city did not say at which location the employee worked.

“This individual is in good condition and is isolated to prevent spread of infection to others. Our best wishes go to the employee for a rapid and full recovery,” the statement said.

The employee has not been present in the workplace since Saturday after noticing mild symptoms, the city said. Staff working in the same immediate location are being tested and isolated while deep cleaning and disinfecting of the office space is conducted. 

After developing mild symptoms Saturday, the employee took the appropriate action, got tested and stayed home. The city is handling the case with the most respect to privacy as possible, while also informing potentially affected staff and taking swift measures to mitigate spread of the virus.

The location where the employee worked has been disinfected and cleaned.

Out of respect for individual privacy, there are details about this case that will not be shared, the city said. The City of Murfreesboro said it is taking all necessary actions to further protect the health and safety of the workforce by taking proactive steps to reduce the risk of infection among employees.

These steps have included encouraging sick employees to stay home, increasing the frequency of cleaning facilities, limiting large meetings and staff travel, increasing the use of teleworking among staff, and encouraging wearing masks and social distancing and other preventive measures. The health and safety of the city workforce is a top priority, the city said.

The city continues to assess and improve ways to protect staff from COVID-19 and other health risks.

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