William Dunnill


A new water service interconnection between Consolidated Utility District (CUD) and Murfreesboro Water Resources Department will keep water flowing to CUD customers even in the event of an emergency, such as a major mechanical breakdown or natural disaster, CUD said in a statement.

Based on current demand, the new interconnection can serve all CUD customers with enough water for an average day’s consumption or up to 65 percent of a maximum day’s usage.

“This is a valuable tool for maintaining reliable water service to our customers,” CUD Director of Engineering Alan Stuemke said in the statement. “The county is growing rapidly, and this interconnection ensures we will have enough water to answer that need.”

Construction at the K. Thomas Hutchinson Water Treatment Plant has required some temporary shutdowns during which the new interconnection has been used.

“This is the third sizable interconnection between CUD, Murfreesboro and Smyrna that allows us to help each other in a time of crisis,” CUD General Manager William Dunnill said. “Reliable service is the goal of all three entities, and this project accomplishes that objective.”

The interconnection is located at the intersection of Sam Jared Drive and Compton Road, near the Veterans Administration Alvin C. York Medical Center. The city’s water treatment plant is located on Sam Jared Drive, a short distance from the new interconnection.

A trial run of the interconnection was conducted on Nov. 18 last year, and CUD and the city are making final adjustments to operations software.

The property on which the interconnection rests is owned by Middle Tennessee State University and required approval from the university’s Board of Trustees.

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