Murfreesboro Medical Center is testing for the coronavirus but is still in need of more testing kits, MMC Chief Executive Officer Joey Peay said.

“We do have some, but not as many as we would like,” Peay said. “We’re doing tests for people who meet the criteria. We’re following the guidelines — fever, coughing, shortness of breath, sore throats — set by the CDC.

“The worst thing we can have is a bunch of people getting tested and come back negative and then three days later they’re positive. They could infect more people than necessary. Because the test kits are so limited, we try to be judicious and that they meet the criteria.”

MMC board president Dr. Nicholas Coté also said there aren’t enough kits to test everyone who wants them. 

“The big thing for the community is the amount of tests we have. We’re limited and everyone wants them,” he said. “Eighty percent of the people will get better if they test or not if they abide by our recommendations and just stay at home. 

“If you’re positive, you’d freak out and so would everyone else around you. It’s unfortunate we were not told by leadership in our community and leaders of the state to stay home. I’m kind of worried about that. If you think you have the symptoms, then you need to get screened and answer those questions. If you’re having trouble breathing, it’s important to get to a doctor’s office or hospital to get checked.”

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