La Vergne

The City of La Vergne plans to include a 6% pay raise for city workers in its annual budget for the new fiscal year, which starts July 1.

The city’s proposed budget passed its first reading at the May 4 Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. The proposed budget will need to pass an additional vote in its second reading at the June 1 Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting to be finalized.

There are currently 254 city employees with a current payroll of $13,654,299. According to La Vergne Director of Finance Phillis Rogers, the payroll budget 6% increase for the new fiscal year would be $789,117, an increase that does not include benefits.

According to La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole, the new fiscal year budget plan includes funding for a 24-inch water line from Stones River Road to the city water plant, an upgrade design for a 12-inch water line for Blair Road, additional public water projects, upgrades to city parks and 13 new employees (including new police officers and a new K-9 unit).

The vote on the budget’s first reading passed 4-1, with Alderman Dennis Waldron voting against it.

The vote to rezone more than 226 acres of low-density residential property to a Planned Residential Subdivision (PDR) adjacent to the intersection of Blair Road and Waldron Road, referred to as the Arbor Ridge Subdivision, was deferred. The city’s planning commission and the developer continue to discuss the terms of the PDR, which could see some commercial development included in the property planned for more than 500 homes.

The Arbor Ridge project will require significant road development whether it remains low density residential or incorporates commercial development. A number of neighbors with larger lots near Arbor Ridge project are opposed to the development.

La Vergne’s new Human Resources Director, Don McCloud, was introduced at the meeting. He served for 26 years in the Air Force. Since his Air Force retirement 12 years ago, he has worked for the Department of Homeland Security and Blue Cross-Blue Shield of South Carolina.

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