Kelsey Ketron Randolph

Kelsey Ketron Randolph

Kelsey Ketron Randolph posted $100,000 bond Friday morning after spending four nights in the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center.

Her lawyer, Trey Harwell said in a statement, “After four difficult days, Kelsey has been released. We were pleased to have reached an agreement on this issue.  Rather than trying this case in the media, we will vigorously defend our client in the judicial system.”

The bond was posted ahead of a source bond hearing that had been scheduled for Friday afternoon in Rutherford County Circuit Court, meaning that hearing was no longer necessary.

Arraignment on Nov. 25

The next step, officials say, is a Rutherford County Circuit Court arraignment hearing on Nov. 25.

Ketron is on a standard bond release, Harwell said, meaning she is restricted to Rutherford County and contiguous counties.

She is the daughter of Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron. He has not responded to requests for a comment.

Ketron was arrested and charged Monday on 71 counts ranging from allegations of aggravated perjury to money laundering and impersonating a licensed insurance professional, related to depositions given in two civil lawsuits as well as her former role as her father’s campaign treasurer.

According to the Murfreesboro Police Department, Ketron is charged with 30 counts of impersonating a licensed professional, 14 counts of money laundering, 12 counts of aggravated perjury, five counts of fraudulent insurance acts $250,000 or more, five counts of forgery $250,000 or more, two counts of fraudulent insurance acts $60,000 - $250,000, fraudulent insurance acts $10,000 - $59,999, theft of property $10,000 - $60,000, and theft of property $60,000 - $250,000.

Many of the indictments stem from two civil lawsuits filed against Bill Ketron’s insurance company. Those lawsuits are Susan Calvin v. Universal International Insurance Agency Inc., and Martin Construction and Restoration Co. v. Universal International Insurance Agency Inc.

At around 7 p.m. Monday, Murfreesboro Police Detective Chris Pitts served the indictments on Ketron at her Murfreesboro home, the department said. She was taken into custody and booked into the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center.

The State District Attorney’s Office selected the Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute the case after Rutherford County District Attorney General Jennings Jones and his staff recused themselves due to a conflict of interest. The Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Senior Judge Walter Kurtz, a retired Circuit Court judge in Nashville, has been assigned to Ketron’s case, the Rutherford County Circuit Court said. Senior judges are retired judges who are assigned as needed to state courts. All Rutherford County Circuit Court judges have recused themselves from the case.

The charges

Ketron’s arrest came after the Rutherford County Grand Jury issued three indictments containing the 71 counts.

Ketron served as vice president of the insurance company until taking a leave of absence this past summer. Ketron has been fighting state insurance officials’ efforts to revoke her insurance license, which they say is in inactive status.

While the grand jury indictments were initially sealed, The Murfreesboro Post obtained them from the Circuit Court Tuesday. The documents refer to Randolph by her maiden name, so that name is being used in the story.

The grand jury’s first true bill indictment is for three counts of aggravated perjury. A true bill is a written jury decision saying the evidence is sufficient to believe the alleged crime occurred and the defendant should be indicted.

Indictment No. 1 alleges that three times on April 9, Ketron “unlawfully, with intent to deceive, made a false statement under oath” during the Calvin lawsuit’s deposition in regard to her license. She was asked if she had a license, and she said “Yes.” She was asked how long she had the license, and she said, “Since 2009, when I went into insurance.” And, she was asked if her license is in Tennessee, and she said, “Yes.”

Indictment, or true bill, No. 2 has nine counts of aggravated perjury. It handles statements Ketron allegedly made during deposition for the Martin Construction lawsuit. Count One alleges that Ketron “did unlawfully, with intent to deceive, make a false statement under oath” regarding questions asked about her holding an insurance license and the license being current.

The second indictment, Counts Two-Four, alleges Ketron gave false answers to questions about checks being re-issued. Count Five deals with a request by the client to give a refund. The question was, “How long was it from that … where she requested a refund until whenever you cut the check?” Ketron said, “It was that day. I put it in the mail.”

Count Six of the second indictment deals with copies of checks. Count Seven concerns a check’s date.  Count Eight concerns with an alleged check stop payment. Count Nine is concerned with another check.

Indictment three has a list of counts: five counts of fraudulent insurance act; five counts of forgery; two counts of fraudulent insurance act; fraudulent insurance act; theft; theft; 14 counts of money laundering and 30 counts of impersonation-licensed professional.

Indictment three alleges that Ketron, while serving as vice president of Universal, “was engaged in certain fraudulent insurance acts perpetrated upon numerous insurers and insurance underwriters with whom Universal both solicited appointment authority to act as agent and also for whom Universal was currently acting with appointment authority as agent.”

The indictment also alleges that Ketron “was engaged in the commission of fraudulent insurance acts perpetrated against Universal’s own policyholders who were induced to believe that they secured insurance coverage for their residences or businesses with an insurer.”

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