Bill and Kelsey Ketron

Bill and Kelsey Ketron.

Editor's note: The amount of campaign account money in question was incorrectly stated in an earlier version of this story. The amount has been corrected.

The indictments against Kelsey Ketron Randolph allege she illegally withdrew about $65,579 from her father’s campaign finance accounts and used the funds for the family business and her personal gain.

Kelsey Ketron Randolph was indicted on more than 70 counts in three indictments by the Rutherford County Grand Jury. She is the daughter of Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron, a former state senator. She previously served as his campaign’s treasurer and vice president of the family’s insurance company.

Bill Ketron did not return a call seeking comment.

Counts 15-29 of Indictment Three allege that Kelsey Ketron used her position as treasurer to remove funds from her father’s three campaign accounts and also allegedly comingled the funds with the funds of the family’s Universal International Insurance Agency Inc.

The campaign finance accounts for Bill Ketron in question are Bill Ketron for State Senate, Quest Political Action Committee and Bill Ketron for County Mayor.

Kelsey and Bill Ketron were responsible under state law to comply with Tennessee Code Annotated Section 2-10-114, which restricts how campaign funds are received and used, the indictment says.

The grand jury ruled that Kelsey Ketron allegedly withdrew campaign funds “without legal authority and thereafter concealed the disbursement and location of said funds by disguising the payee for checks drawn upon the campaign accounts and by comingling said funds within the legitimate receipts” of their insurance company, the indictment says.

According to the indictment, Kelsey Ketron allegedly concealed this from the State Election Commission, Rutherford County Election Commission and law enforcement by failure to report, as required by TCA Section 2-10-105.

The indictment alleges Kelsey Ketron periodically drew campaign funds from Universal’s account “for the purchase and lease of various items of personal property for her exclusive use and control to the detriment of Universal, its employees, policyholders and insurer for errors and omissions thereby depleting the said account of funds from which Universal had a fiduciary duty to remit to various underwriters as premiums for Universal’s customers.”

Bill Ketron has faced ramifications over campaign finance matters.

The Murfreesboro Post in September reported that the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance voted in August to audit Bill Ketron’s campaign accounts and Quest PAC.

The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office in July announced it was considering a lawsuit over alleged unpaid penalties for his campaign finance violations.

The Murfreesboro Post reported in November 2018 that Ketron and his Senate political action committee, Quest, failed to file campaign finance documents on time and were fined a combined $40,000, state documents show.

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