Judge sentences murderer to 71 years in prison


Convicted murderer Tina Williamson collapsed Monday outside the courtroom after a judge sentenced her to 71 years in prison. Williamson fell and banged her head against the floor for a few moments. Deputies helped her to her feet and walked her out of the Judicial Building. A Circuit Court jury convicted Williamson of second-degree murder, felony murder, a murder committed during another crime, and especially aggravated robbery of General Jack Rains, 83, of McFarlin Road. Rains was shot multiple times in August 2007 at his home. He worked in law enforcement as Woodburys Police Chief and as a state trooper. During the sentencing hearing, Assistant District Attorney Paul Newman asked Circuit Court Judge Don Ash to impose Williamsons sentence to be served one at a time because of her lack of regard for Rains life and her danger to society because of her extensive criminal record. Defense attorney Bob Peters said based on the lack of prior violent offenses, I can hardly see how she would be deemed a dangerous offender. Ash sentenced Williamson, 40, of Woodbury to life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 20 years for second-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery. Ash based his ruling on her lack of regard for human life and her extensive criminal history. This led to a persons death, Ash said. District Attorney General William Whitesell said a life sentence amounts to 51 years in prison. After the sentence, Rains daughter-in-law, Eloise, agreed with the sentence based on Williamson killing Rains. Her husband is Rains son, Gary. She took away our childrens grandfather, Eloise Rains said, describing Rains as a good and gentle man. Gary Rains and his father had a good relationship but Williamson wanted people to think otherwise, Eloise Rains said. I hate it for Ron (Williamsons husband) and her children, Rains said. In a presentence report, Williamson maintained her innocence. I am innocent, Williamson stated. I truly am. She blamed Peters for being a terrible attorney who only saw her three times when she was out on $600,000 bond and never told her what to expect. He didnt call witnesses. There was absolutely no physical evidence, Williamson noted. Bank officials testified Williamson withdrew a significant amount of money from Rains account before his body was found. Everyone made it look like it was me because he left me $100,000 but that was not for me to go and spend (unless he died), Williamson stated. It was also set aside for him to get if he couldnt take care of himself anymore. He was 83 years old. I loved him as anyone would there (sic) grandpa. Prosecutors made it look like she was having an affair with Rains, she stated. He was part of our family, Williamson stated, adding Rains drew up documents for she and her husband to care for him if he became disabled. I am truly to God innocent, no physical evidence, no weapon, nothing, no witness, Williamson stated.

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