Greenhouse food pantry

Volunteers Deborah Faulkner (left) and Bettie Markham are two of the many people working behind the scenes at Greenhouse Ministries’ food pantry. JASON M. REYNOLDS

Greenhouse Ministries feeds thousands of people a year because of donors and hundreds of volunteers.

In 2020, the charitable organization received 169,985 pounds of donated food, including pet food, said Hannah Hoffmann, public relations coordinator. That compares to 2018, when the ministry received 99,945 pounds of food donations, according to the 2019 annual report.

A total of 9,181 people received food last year, with some of those receiving multiple services, Hoffmann said.

Last year, about 1,100 volunteers helped run the organization, which includes but is not limited to the food pantry, bicycle ministry, adult education, legal clinic, nursing clinic and veterans outreach, Hoffmann said. Despite being closed to volunteers for a couple of months during the pandemic, Greenhouse racked up more than 25,000 volunteer hours, including more than 500 hours a week.

Those volunteers include Deborah Faulkner and Bettie Markham, who work in the food pantry.

Faulkner said she has volunteered at Greenhouse for about six months out of a desire to give back.

“Greenhouse is a wonderful program, and I’m pleased to be associated with them,” Faulkner said, adding that the organization has a “family feeling.”

Faulkner said she became involved because she goes to church with the daughter of Cliff Sharp, the ministry’s co-founder and executive director.

Markham, who said she is a widow, has volunteered at Greenhouse for seven years. Sharp asked her to participate, she said.

“I just love it,” she said. “All I have to do at home is sit and watch TV.”