Aryo Goldyputro Hasnugung

Aryo Goldyputro Hasnugung

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office announced an investigation that led to the indictment of a former international recruiter for Middle Tennessee State University in connection with the alleged theft of at least $39,750.

Aryo Goldyputro Hasnugung, a former international recruiter for the university’s Office of International Affairs, was indicted in May by the Rutherford County Grand Jury on one count of theft over $10,000, one count of forgery, one count of criminal simulation, and one count of official misconduct, the comptroller’s office said. Hasnugung was arrested in July.

The Rutherford County Criminal Circuit Court said Hasnugung is scheduled for arraignment on Aug. 29. The court did not have any record of Hasnugung having a lawyer’s representation. He posted bond of $50,000.

The investigation began after MTSU officials became suspicious of Hasnugung’s travel invoices, the comptroller’s office said. The university’s Audit and Consulting Services helped in the investigation.

Investigators determined that Hasnugung, who traveled to other countries to recruit students, allegedly stole from MTSU by fabricating or altering invoices that he used to justify payments he received for travel advances and/or travel reimbursements, the comptroller’s office said. Investigators confirmed that at least 35 invoices submitted by Hasnugung allegedly were not authentic. Furthermore, it was determined that some of the invoices allegedly were altered on Hasnugung’s MTSU computer.

The comptroller’s office said officials are also questioning an additional $5,010 in reimbursements received by Hasnugung because of supporting documentation. Although these receipts and invoices allegedly do not appear to be legitimate, investigators were unable to confirm with the related vendors that they were fraudulent.

Hasnugung allegedly acknowledged to MTSU Audit and Consulting Services that he submitted at least six fraudulent invoices, and his employment was terminated on June 7, 2016, the comptroller’s office said.

MTSU officials identified one $600 invoice as an alleged fraudulent document and did not reimburse the claim, the comptroller’s office said.

MTSU emailed this statement in response to a request for more information on the case: “The University has layered additional and stricter requirements and approvals for our international recruiter. All proposed trips by the international recruiter are personally reviewed in advance by the vice provost for international affairs to ensure they are in line with our priorities. Travel claims by the international recruiter now undergo line-by-line scrutiny by the vice provost before they are submitted to our Business and Finance Division for review and potential reimbursement. Also, cash advances are under more scrutiny and justification is needed for expenses that need to be paid with cash.”

“The University added a specific financial policy for international travel in June 2017 that requires direct payment of expenses with vendors anytime possible and closer scrutiny and justification for expenses that require cash payments,” MTSU added in a follow-up email.

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