Bill Ketron

Bill Ketron

A state board Wednesday approved an agency’s request to subpoena Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron’s insurance business records as well as the personal credit card statements of him and his wife, an official said.

The Tennessee Registry of Election Finance granted the request by the Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance, said the bureau’s executive director, Bill Young. The bureau had already started an audit of the former state senator’s campaign finance accounts but is having difficulties because some of those records were seized by police, he said.

The audit is connected to the recent indictment of Ketron’s daughter, Kelsey Ketron Randolph, who served as his campaign treasurer and vice president of the family’s insurance firm, Universal International Insurance Agency Inc. The more than 70 indictments ranged from allegations of aggravated perjury to money laundering and impersonating a licensed insurance professional as well as allegations of illegally removing money from her father’s campaign finance accounts.

The accounts in question are Bill Ketron for State Senate, Quest Political Action Committee and Bill Ketron for County Mayor.

The bureau on Thursday gave the registry an update on where the audit stands, and asked for the authority to subpoena the additional records, Young said.

The bureau is still in the process of assembling documents for the audit, Young said. Auditors obtained documents from the campaign and bank accounts. They have requested the documents that were seized by police as well.

“We’d like to get those documents if we can because they’re necessary for our audit,” Young said.

Once they are served with the subpoena, Ketron and Universal will have 10 days to respond and 20 days to object, Young said.

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