Rutherford County Schools is touting its high score in the Tennessee Report Card, which it says ranks it among the highest-performing districts in the state.

The report scores RCS as a Level 5 for student growth in all areas, the district said in a statement. Level 5 is the highest ranking available for growth.

Murfreesboro City Schools was a Level 5 for student growth in overall performance, English language arts and mathematics, according to the report card. The district was a Level 4 in social studies.

Dr. Linda Gilbert, director of schools for MCS said, “I couldn’t be prouder of the City Schools family. Increasing the student success rate by 4.1 percent and being 9.4 percent higher than the state average is something of which Murfreesboro can be proud. 

“However, the report card is just one measure of student success. It is vitally important for us to grow our children to be collaborative, resilient, and creative problem-solvers who are ready to succeed in a future that we cannot imagine. And that is what Murfreesboro City is about—assuring both academic and personal success for each child.”

Bill Spurlock, director of schools for RCS said, “The report card affirms Rutherford County Schools’ place as an academic leader in Tennessee. We will use the results from the report as one indicator of performance and work with schools individually to reinforce our efforts to provide unmatched opportunities and supports for students.”

The report card’s goal is to provide access to important information about every school and district, said Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn in a statement. The information is grouped into these categories: academic achievement, meaning whether students perform at or above grade level or the school improved over the years; student academic growth; chronic absenteeism; English language proficiency; whether students are ready to graduate; and graduation rate.

On the academic achievement category, 45.8 percent of MCS students were at or above grade level, a 4.1 percent increase from 2018. In RCS, 41.8 percent of students were at or above grade level, a 1.6 percent increase from the previous year. The state rate was 36.4 percent, a 2.5 percent increase.

RCS reported 8.9 percent of students were absent 10 percent or more of the year, down 0.3 percent from the previous year. MCS reported 6.9 percent of students were chronically absent, down 1 percent from a year ago. The state rate was 12.5 percent, down 0.4 percent from a year ago.

RCS reported that 48.7 percent of graduates in the Class of 2018 were ready to move beyond high school (college or careers), a 6 percent increase from 2017. The average ACT composite score was 21, a 0.2 percent increase. (MCS does not have high schools.) Statewide, 40.3 percent of graduates were ready to move beyond high school, a 4.5 percent increase. The composite ACT score was 20.2, a 0.1 percent increase.

Also, RCS reported a 95.6 percent graduation rate, a 0.3 percent increase from 2017. The statewide graduation rate was 89.1 percent, a 1.3 percent increase

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