Depositions were sealed from Sheriff Truman Jones and four of his employees after the chancellor ruled the information might violate employees privacy. Former School Resource Officer Robert Arnold appealed to Chancellor Robert Corlew after he was transferred from the SRO division to detention for failing to properly investigate a complaint of a handgun at La Vergne High School during night school classes. Depositions were taken from Jones, Chief Deputy Virgil Gammon, SRO Maj. Bill Kennedy and Lt. Barry Hendrixson and Deputy Chief Bob Asbury. Lawyer Tommy Santel of the county attorneys office asked Corlew to seal the depositions because he said Arnolds attorney Ben Bennett asked questions about matters outside the scope of the lawsuit. Actions by other employees couldnt be substantiated or may not be true, Santel said. That causes me some concern, Santel said. Santel asked Corlew to seal the depositions from the public because the information may be embarrassing to people and the information may not be true. Bennett said the questions asked in depositions were about disciplinary matters at the sheriffs office. If the sheriffs office followed their own policies and procedures manuals, the same information should be contained in personnel files available to the public, Bennett said. Theres nothing to protect, Bennett said. Santel said some of the information could be considered medical information and protected by federal law. Corlew said he would place the depositions under seal as a precaution against violating privacy. He will keep court orders open. Another hearing is scheduled later this month.

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