Rutherford County Commissioner Robert Stevens on Tuesday called for a special meeting of the commission so Mayor Bill Ketron could answer questions about his insurance agency and campaign finance accounts.

Stevens made public the letter he sent to Ketron, which says, “Recent stories reported by various news outlets regarding your insurance agency have caused concern among many residents of Rutherford County. Additionally, there are lingering unanswered questions about your campaign finance accounts, including a history of late filings and numerous substantial fines from the state. The concerns people have raised about these issues are both reasonable and valid, necessitating further inquiry.”

The concerns that Stevens mentioned include a lawsuit that is pending against Ketron’s insurance company, Universal International Insurance Agency, in which the plaintiffs claim breach of contract. They say Universal’s vice president, Ketron’s daughter Kelsey Ketron Randolph, never opened a homeowners’ insurance policy and their home was damaged by a burst pipe.

Also, Ketron’s political action committee, Quest, from his time as a state senator, was fined last year for multiple failures to file campaign finance documents on time. His daughter was the treasurer, according to old press reports.

Stevens told the Murfreesboro Post that it would be up to Ketron, as chairman of the commission, to call such a meeting. If he refuses, 11 commissioners could sign a petition calling for a special meeting. He said he has not reached out to other commissioners because of the Sunshine Law.

“I’m a believer in everybody hearing the same message at the same time so that everybody is on the same page,” Stevens said.

The Murfreesboro Post left a message at the mayor’s office seeking comment.

Stevens also said that if the special meeting is called, commissioners will receive a stipend of $500. He said he believes they should return that money.

“Having a meeting like this will allow commissioners to ask questions,” he said.

Stevens said people also are still asking questions about the PAC fines.

“We just need to get answers to these questions so we can move forward,” he said.

In his letter, Stevens said, “I sincerely hope that we are able to put these issues to rest and remove any potential cloud from our county government, or if needed, to take appropriate action. Our constituents deserve no less.”

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