City of Murfreesboro Codes Inspector Trey Axum was recently awarded the “Code Official of the Year” for the Middle Tennessee area by the Middle Tennessee Codes Officials Association.

Robert Holtz, president of the (MTCOA), presented Axum with his plaque during a staff meeting in December.

“During the time Trey has worked in Building and Codes, he has seen the city drastically change from what some would consider a small town to one of the larger cities in the state of Tennessee and one of the fastest growing cities in the nation,” said Holtz, who is also the director of Murfreesboro’s Building and Codes Department.

Axum has worked as a codes inspector for the City of Murfreesboro for nearly 30 years. Prior to working for Murfreesboro, he was a landscape architect in Nashville.

Axum plans to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity after he retires.

MTCOA encourages safe building practices and code complaint construction throughout Middle Tennessee.

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