Kelsey Ketron Randolph

Kelsey Ketron Randolph is pictured with Aubrey B. Harwell Jr., one of her lawyers, following a hearing in July at the Tennessee Insurance Division.

An administrative judge has denied Kelsey Ketron Randolph’s motion to block a state hearing over its effort to revoke her insurance license.

Administrative Judge Phillip Hilliard denied Randolph’s motion to dismiss the state’s charges. That means the next step is a hearing to revoke her license, which will be held Jan. 13-14 in Nashville, said Kevin Walters, communications director of the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance.

Randolph is the daughter of Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron, a former state senator, who is the owner and Designated Responsible Licensed Producer (DRLP) of the family’s insurance business, Universal International Insurance Inc. Randolph was the vice president before taking a leave of absence this past summer.

The Insurance Division of the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance filed a cease and desist order on May 29 to stop Randolph from selling insurance because it says her license is inactive. She was a licensee from Feb. 16, 2012 through Aug. 31, 2016, according to the division.

The Insurance Division held a hearing in July to block Randolph’s ability to reactivate her license. Her lawyers asked for a delay to have time to represent her. The rescheduled hearing was held Oct. 21. Randolph filed a motion to dismiss the case.

Universal is named in a lawsuit filed August 2018 by Susan and Charles Daniel Calvin of Shelbyville in which they claim that Randolph accepted payment to open a homeowners’ insurance policy on their behalf but never followed through, committing an alleged breach of contract. They say their house was badly damaged from frozen pipes around January 2018.

Randolph was the agent and primary point of contact for the Calvins, despite having an expired license, the Tennessee Insurance Division said.

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