One Rutherford County School psychologist tested negative for the coronavirus, but as a precaution, that worker and seven other psychologists who were around him or her have been quarantined, the district said Monday.

The Murfreesboro Post contacted James Evans, the district’s communications director, after receiving questions from members of the community about the issue.

Evans provided the Post with this statement:

“There are some untrue rumors floating around and so I have the facts for you.

  • On Monday, July 27, there was an in-person training in the Central Office Board room for school psychologists.
  • There are approximately 25 psychs
  • They were all wearing masks
  • The chairs were spaced in the board room, just like they are for a board meeting
  • One Tuesday evening, one of the psychs reported possible COVID-19 symptoms
  • As a precaution, that person and the seven others who were seated around that person, were placed on quarantine
  • The COVID-19 test on the person has come back negative. However, they all remain on quarantine for another week as a precaution”.

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