Toots has opened its fourth location in Rutherford County at 4213 Franklin Rd. in Murfreesboro.

Toot’s Restaurants has opened its fourth Rutherford County location, with the newest one having more seating capacity than the first three locations.

Toot’s West is located at 4213 Franklin Rd. in Murfreesboro. According to president and owner Wade Hays, it has 242 seats (the Broad Street location has 198 seats).

Hays said that some of the other unique features are a separate entrance for take-out orders, USB charging ports at each table, a bar and lounge area separate from the main dining room and patio doors that can roll up when the weather is nice.

“This side of town already has a large residential base and is experiencing massive growth, but is completely under-served when it comes to restaurants. We feel like Toot’s West is in a fantastic location to fill that need,” Hays said.

The Toot’s chain was founded in 1985 with the Broad Street location.

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