The Smyrna Police Department held its Night Out Against Crime at the department headquarters in the Smyrna Justice Center last week, offering the Smyrna community another opportunity to meet its police officers and support personnel, as well as the staff of the Smyrna Town Court. 

Smyrna Police Chief Kevin Arnold said, “The main reason we conduct the National Night Out at the Police Department is to give the citizens the chance to come in and see what they pay for, to see what’s here inside their police department, and to give them the opportunity to interact with police department employees and see what their police department does inside this building every day.” 

Visitors saw the crime lab, Property Room holding evidence and the department’s SWAT equipment. 

The Smyrna Fire Department was also on hand with two fire trucks in the parking lot of the building, with firefighters donning gear and taking pictures with children.

Community Support Coordinator Shirley Key greeted families outside her office with information about many of the programs she manages to help families, especially those with small children. 

Along with referrals and other resources, Key has a large box full of teddy bears and other stuffed animals that help comfort children in traumatic circumstances. She offered those to some of her younger guests.

Town of Smyrna Court Judge Lynn Alexander was also on hand. Alexander shared her gavel with visiting children and answered questions about the Town Court and the law.

Alumni of the Smyrna Citizens Police Academy provided information and prepared hot dogs and drinks for the visitors. 

“The citizens police academy volunteers are wonderful partners,” Arnold said. “There are numerous things within this town that they do, and without them we would have to pay officers to do what they do. In turn, they save the taxpayers of Smyrna a tremendous amount of money.”

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