Tennessee Regiment Young Marines held its Leadership School at the Volunteer Training Site in Smyrna recently.

Seventeen Young Marine Units from 11 states attended. There were 16 students attending Senior Leadership School (SLS) and 34 attending Junior Leadership School (JLS).

Rutherford County Young Marines had three members attending JLS: YM LCPL William Cameron, YM CPL Maria Bello and YM LCPL Ashton Little. YM SGT Christopher Torres & YM SGT Vanessa Torres attended the Senior Leadership School. Cameron Robinson was one of the Cadres and received his promotion from YM SSgt to YM GySgt.

JLS helps prepare YM Lance Corporals and YM Corporals to take on advanced leadership roles in their unit, schools and communities. The students in JLS honed their leadership skills, perfect drill movements, and pass a physical fitness test. 

SLS prepares YM Sergeants and YM Staff Sergeants to further advance their leadership skills. They learn to conduct close order drill, physical training, improve interpersonal skills, study ethics, and becoming more aware to the needs of others. They also have to pass a physical fitness test.

“During my time at SLS, we did many things and I learned so much as a leader. I plan to take that knowledge back to my unit and encourage my fellow Young Marines to get where I am and further,” YM SGT Vanessa Torres said.

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